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Listings for Boston

Many companies from New England had offices in Boston, even if their main operations existed elsewhere. As a result, you'll find a large number of certificates listed here that also appear in the listings for other towns.

Achushnet Mill Corporation
Airedale Mills Company
The Algonquin Club
Alles and Fisher, Inc.
Technology Building Corporation of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Alumni
American Board of Commissions for Foriegn Missions
Amazon Woven Cordage Company
The American Peat Company
American Steamship Paddle=Wheel Company
Atlantic Wharf Company
Bay State Iron Company
The Beacon Falls Rubber Shoe Company
Beacon Hill Company
Benjamin F. Tripp, Inc
Blackstone Coal Mining Company
Board of Trade Building Trust
Boott Cotton Mills
Boston Advertising Company
Boston and Albany Rail Road Company 5 Variety
Boston American League Base Ball Club - Boston Red Sox
Boston Base Ball Association
Boston Belting Corporation
Boston Celtics
Boston Chamber of Commerce Reality Trust
Boston and New York Chickasaw Land Company
Boston City Loan
Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg Rail-Road Company
Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg and New Bedford Railroad
Boston Consolidated Street Railway Company
Boston, Concord and Montreal Railroad - Old Stock
Boston Electric Associates
Boston Elevated Railway Company
The Boston, Hartford and Erie Rail Road Company
Boston and Lowell Railroad Corporation
Boston and Lynn India Rubber Manufacturing Company
Boston and Maine Railroad 4 Variety
The Boston Manufacturing Company
Boston Marine Insurance Company
Boston and Mississippi Cotton Land Company
Boston, Newport and New York Steamboat Company
Boston and New York Central Railroad Company
Boston and Nova Scotia Gold Mining Company
Boston and Ophir Gold Mining Company
Boston and Philadelphia Steamship Company
Boston and Providence Railroad
Boston, Quincy and Nantasket Point Steamboat Company
Boston Railroad Holding Company
Boston Real Estate Exchange
Boston Record Company
Boston and Reese River Silver Mining Company
Boston Rubber Company
Boston Sherardizing and Electro-plating Company
Boston Steel and Iron Company
Boston Suburban Electric Companies
Boston Terminal Company
Boston Water - City of Boston
Boston Water Power Company
Boston Wharf Company
Boston, Winthrop and Shore Railroad Company
Boston and Worcester Rail-Road Corporation
Boston and Worcester Electric Companies
Boylston Market Association
Brockton and Plymouth Street Railway Company
Cadillac Automobile Company of Boston
Challenge Letter-File Company
Charles River Branch Rail Road Company
Charles River School
Charlestown Trust Company
China Mutual Insurance Company
City of Boston
Clinton Company
Commercial Wharf Company
Commonwealth Avenue Street Railway Company
Consumers' Cooperative Company
Cutler Improvement Company
The Day Process Shoe Company
East Boston Dry Dock Company
Essex Company
Everett Mills
The Fitchburg Railroad Company
Franklin Coal Company of Lykens Valley
The Globe National Bank
The Gold and Platinum Dredging Company of Boston
Grand Junction Rail Road and Depot Company
Human Life Publishing Company
Laconia Car Company
Lancaster Mills
Lawrence Manufacturing Company
Lovjoy's Wharf Trust
Loew's Boston Theatres Company
Malden and Melrose Railroad Company
Massachusetts Oil Company
Merrill Patent Barrel Company
Metropolitan Rail Road Company
Milk Row Bleachery Company
Mount Holly Paper Mills, Inc.
Murray and Tregurtha Corporation
National Hat Company
The National Union Bank of Boston
National Dock and Warehouse Company
The New England Manufacturers' and Mechanics' Institute of Boston
New England Excelsior Manufacturing Company
New England Guaranty Corporation
New England Mining Company
New England and Nevada Silver Mining Company
New York and Boston Rail-Road Company
New York and New England Railroad Company
New York, Providence and Boston Rail Road Company
Northern Railroad
Ocean Mills Company
Old Colony Railroad Company
Old Colony and Fall River Railroad Company
Old Colony and Newport Railway Company
Old Colony Steamboat Company
Old Colony Woolen Mills Company
Old South Building Association
Ottawa Mining Company
Pembroke Iron Company
Pennsylvania, Poughkeepsie and Boston Railroad Company
Pittsfield Iron and Steel Company
The Plymouth Rock Mining Company
Portland Street Garage
Pouhgkeepsie, Hartford and Boston Railroad Company
Proprietor of Boston Pier or the Long Wharf
A Republican Institution in the Town of Boston
Roxbury Central Wharf
Salem and Boston Stage Company
Second National Bank of Boston
South Boston Railroad Company
South Boston Yacht Club
The Southern New England Ice Company
Suffolk Lead Works
Union Freight Railroad Company
Union Stone Company
Ward Manufacturing Company
Washington Mills
The Washington National Bank of Boston
Waverly Company
West End Street Railway Company
Western Railroad Corporation
Western Railroad and Coal Securities Companies
Almada Silver Mining Co.
Bay State Film Company
Blair County Iron and Coal Company
The Boston Stage Society - Lorin F. Deland
Carver Cranberry Company
Combination Orchard Company
Cumberland Brown Stone Company
The Damon Safe and Iron Works Company
Eagle Hill Mutual Coal Company
Hampton Mining and Smelting Company
Horn Pond Branch Railroad Company
John T. Connor Company
The New England Motive Power Company
Newton Mining Company
Norfolk Southern Street Railway Company
Plymouth Creamery System, Inc.
The Tropical Products Company of Boston
Walpole Tire and Rubber Company.
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