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Boston, Concord and Montreal Railroad - Old Stock.   Chartered in 1844, this railroad provided service from Boston through the White Mountains an on to Canada. The railroad also operated a steamboat service from Weirs beach to various Lake Winnipesaukee ports. This helped make Weirs Beach a popular tourist destination. In 1884 the railroad was leased to the Boston and Lowell Railroad which combined to the Concord Railroad in 1889 to form the Concord and Montreal Railroad Company. Thus creating "Boston, Concord and Montreal Railroad - Old Stock" under the ownership of the "Concord and Montreal Railroad".


Stock. Class III of "The Concord and Montreal Railroad". Issued in 1916. #2108

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Rarity Industry Beauty Cross-Collectable Importance Age
6 8 7 7 3 4
Overall Value 4
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