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The Fitchburg Railroad Company.   Chartered in 1843, service began in 1845. Later it began to acquire various other railroads. The most important of these was the Troy and Greenfield Railroad in 1887 which it purchased from the State of Massachusetts. That purchased included the Hoosac Tunnel. It provided the best path in northern Massachusetts for crossing the Berkshires. Additional acquisitions followed until 1900, when the Fitchburg leased all its assets to the Boston and Maine Railroad. The Boston and Maine finally purchased the company outright in 1919.

Hoosac Tunnel: Construction started in 1851 by the Troy and Greenfield Railroad. After more than 10 years of raising and spending capital on the project, the construction effort was abandoned. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which held the mortgage on the Railroad due to its significant support for the project, took control over it in 1862. With additional funding and new digging machines and methods, the tunnel was completed in 1876.


Stock. Preferred. Issued in 1915. #52261.

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