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About This Site

"So why would anyone spend a bunch of time building a web site like this when their not selling anything, and not advertising for anyone?"

Now the real reason:

I make my living building software. Most recently, I've been working with back end technologies that don't have much to do with HTML, java and other languages which drive most internet sites. So I built and maintain this site to help keep my internet skills up to date.

That doesn't mean that this site doesn't provide me with some useful functionality. Thanks to the new wireless internet technologies, and this site, I can reference my collection from anywhere. This comes in handy when I run across an item either online or at a show and am not sure if its already in my collection or not.

I also have a number of other pages on the site that are not available to the public where I store links for searching a number of internet sites. This amounts to a centralized "favorites" list that I can access from anywhere.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, to help people with certificates to sell to find me. I'm an agressive buyer!

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