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Boylston Market Association.   The association was formed in 1808 as the "South Market Association", as its goal was to build a market in the southern section of Boston. When incorporated in 1809, its name was changed to "Boylston Market Association", at the direction of its first President, John Quincy Adams. It was named after Ward Nicholas Boylston, Adam's second cousin. Boylston also donated the clock which was used in the market's tower. Eventually, a number of land marks were named after the marketing, including Boylston Street, where the market was located (at the intersection with Washington). So why would Adam's name the Market after a second cousin? We can't know for sure but its interesting to note that Boylston had made a major contribution to Harvard College (over $23000) under the condition that Adams to made a Processor there.

The building was designed by Charles Bullfinch and construction began in May 1809. The opened for business in 1810. The total construction cost was $20,000.

Above the market, on the third floor, was Boylston Hall which was used as a meeting place by many organizations. Most notably, concerts where performed there for many years by "Handel & Haydn" Society.

NOTE: Early subscription certificates (1809) for this company where signed by John Quincy Adams as President. Keep a lookout for them.


Stock. Issued in 1865. #540.

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