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The Damon Safe and Iron Works Company.   Organized in 1885, they produced fire and burglar safes, including bank vaults. They had a factories in Cambridge and Philadelphia as well as sales offices at 103 and 110 Sudbury Street in Boston. The Cambridge factory burt down in May of 1895 and was rebuilt. This company provided most of the vaults found in New England banks built in the 1890s. They also provided the vaults for the Treasury departments in Washington, New York and San Francisco. George Leonard Damon .   Famous safe and vault maker. Born in Stoughton. Learned Iron working in Boston's steamship industry. With partners, bought out the safe manufacturing business of the Tremont Safe Company in 1866. In 1869, sold out to the American Steam Safe Company. A year later he took over the manufacturing department of that company and 4 years later bought the Boston plant.


Stock. Issued in 1901 to Benjamin F. Tripp, who was another well know Boston safe maker. Signed twice by George L. Damon, as President and Treasurer. #43.

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Rarity Industry Beauty Cross-Collectable Importance Age
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Overall Value 7
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