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Useful Links

Here are some links to other sites I've found helpfully. These are not paid links and are only here to direct you to additional Scripophily information.
Washington Historical Autograph and Certificate OrganizationOne of the few US based collector societies.
The International Bond & Share SocietyA worldwide organization dedicated to Scripophily
Professional Scripophily Trade Association A dealer run organization. You can find some interesting articles on the site.
Scripophily MuseumAn online collection of banking related stocks.
The Museum of American Financial HistoryA Smithsonian affiliate organization preserving our economic history.
American Antiquarian SocietyOne of the best research collections covering America's first 100 years.
The Collectors WeeklyOn online magazine provding indepth looks at all forms on collections.
Terry Cox, author of "Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads",The best resource available for Railroad Certificates. If you don't own his book, you can search his database for free at this site.
Atlantic Protective PouchesWhere you can buy protective sleeves for your stocks.
Massachusetts Historical SocietyA great place to start your research work.
GOLDSHEET Mining Directory A worldwide resource for mining related web sites and information.
Massachusetts Bay Railroad EnthusiastsA group that celebrates New England railroading and organizes several fun rail trips a year for its members.
Railroad Stations in MassachusettsA site devoted to the history, location, and uses of railroad depots in Massachusetts
The Political GraveyardHave a stock sighed by a Pollution? Here's a good place to start your research.
Biography.ComGood summary level information for very well known industrialists. Not much available for lessor known individuals.
ScripDBA scripophily resource site.
Selling your certificates.Do you have collectable stocks or bonds for sale?


Interview with The Collector Weekly Spreading Scripophily's story whenever I can.
Bargain Hunting for the Internet Auction Buyer! I wrote this in Jan. 2001 for the Whaco Newsletter. It was later picked up by the I.B.S.S. Magazine. Its a little dated now, but you may still find it interesting.


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