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Here is my collection of certificates and other documents signed by famus or important people.

American Express 1 Variety
Thomas Edison 1 Variety
J.P. Morgan Autographed Railroad Directorship 1 Variety
Phillip Best Brewing Company - Frederick Pabst 1 Variety
Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike Road 1 Variety
Standard Oil Trust - John D. Rockefeller 1 Variety
The Baseball Magazine Company 1 Variety
Baxter D. Whitney and Sons 1 Variety
Boston City Loan 1 Variety
East Boston Dry Dock Company 1 Variety
Essex Company 1 Variety
The Boston Stage Society - Lorin F. Deland 1 Variety
Dodge and Stevenson Manufacturing Co. 1 Variety
Fishkill Mountain Turnpike Company - John Hopkins 1 Variety
John T. Connor Company 1 Variety
Philatelic Sons of America 1 Variety
Sixth Massachusetts Turnpike 1 Variety
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