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Want List

Here are few of the stocks or bonds that I know exist and I want for my collection. If you have any them for sale, be sure to send me details. Thanks!

Railroad Mining
  • Blackstone Valley Street
  • Boston and Chelsea Railroad
  • Boston Revere Beach And Lynn Railroad Co
  • Fall River And Providence RR
  • Meigs Elevated Rwy Construction
  • Milford Franklin And Providence Rail Road Co
  • Milford And Uxbridge Street Railway Co
  • Milford And Woonsocket Railroad Co
  • Nashua Acton And Boston Rail Road Co
  • South Shore And Boston Street Railway Co
  • Worcester Nashua And Rochester Railroad Co
  • Acworth Gold Mining & Smelting
  • Bedford Copper Co.
  • Clara Barton Mining
  • Enniskillen Petroleum Co
  • Fuller Farm Oil
  • Independence Extension Gold Mining & Leasing Co.
  • Merced Gold Mining Company
  • Sunnyside Mining & Milling Co.
  • Sycamore Oil
  • Tar Kiln Zinc Mines Co.
  • Wickham Mining & Smelting Company
Transportation Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Bliven Air Ship
  • Indian Motorcycle - SPECIMEN
  • New York, Brockton And Boston Canal And Trans. Co
  • Salem Turnpike And Chelsea Bridge
  • Lawrence Fire Insurance Co. of Boston
  • Pacific Nat'l Bank of Nantucket
  • Phoenix Bank
  • Wassasuit Insurance
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
  • New England Printing Telegraph Company
  • United States Machine Gun
  • Clinton Printing Company
  • New England Blank Book Ruling & Paiging Co.
  • Chapman Valve Manufacturing Company
  • Hopkins & Allen Arms Company
  • Simonds Rolling Machine Co. 1895
  • Sandy Beach Association
  • Massachusetts Cremation Society
  • Grafton Water Company
  • Bay Film co.
  • Pictures-In-Motion Inc.
  • Sherman Film Releasing
  • American Steam Safe Company
  • Havre Iron Co
  • Hamilton Vocalion Organ Manufacturing
  • Thinking Machines
  • Boston Fish Market Corporation
  • New England Steam Heating Co
  • Worcester North Agricultural Society
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