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Troy and Greenfield Rail Road Company.   Given a Charter in 1850 to build and operate a railroad from the Connecticut River (Greenfield), through the Hoosac Mountains (Berkshires) by way of a new tunnel to be constructed, up to the Vermont line. Construction began in 1851. Construction of the tunnel was slow, and most attempts to use new machinery had failed. Money was raised from stock subscriptions, bonds, private loans and state loans to keep the project moving. Finally, the operators of the company gave up and the railroad and partially completed tunnel where turned over to the State of Massachusetts, who held the mortgage, in 1862. With additional moneys and a new engineering team, the tunnel was completed in 1876. It was then sold, along with the railroad, to the Fitchburg Railroad Company in 1887.


Bond. Issued in 1855. #127. Very rare bond issued to help finance the Hoosac Railroad. Only 6 of these have been discovered, all from the same estate. Of those 6, this exampled was considered to be in the best condition by the New York auction house to which they where consigned. At least a couple of the others are still in dealer hands and therefor available. Once all are in collector's hands, they may not be seen again for a long time.

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Rarity Industry Beauty Cross-Collectable Importance Age
9 9 8 7 5 8
Overall Value 7
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