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Towle Manufacturing Company.   Famous silver makers originally founded in 1873 as the "A. F. Towle & Son Company" by silversmith Anthony Towle and his son Edward. The company was renamed to "Towle Manufacturing Company" in 1880 and later to "Towle Silversmiths". In 1990, it was aquired by "Syratech Corporation" and continues as a division of that firm. It was located in Newburyport.

Anthony Towle was an accomplished silversmith who trained under the Moulton family, whose ancester William Moulton, was the first recorded American silversmith and began working in Newburyport around 1690. Before starting "A. F. Towle & Son Company", Anthony had partnered with another accomplished silversmith, William Jones forming the "Towle and Jones Company".


Stock. Issued in 1907. #583. The stock books for the company where sold on ebay a couple of years ago to a dealer so the supply of certificates is still good and it will never become a rare item. However, its a popular piece so the readily available supply will be used up eventually. Also, condition is everything here. I had a chance to look over the books at a show in Pennyslavania and a significant number of the certificates had some condition problems. So if your going to buy one, make sure its one of the better examples.

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Rarity Industry Beauty Cross-Collectable Importance Age
3 5 6 4 4 4
Overall Value 2
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