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Mercantile Wharf Company.   This important Cape Code wharf was company was incorporated in 1870 with just 60 shares of stock. The wharf was built on the north shore of the bay in Wellfleet. The first President was Richard R. Freeman, who was succeeded by his son J. H. Freeman in 1886. The wharf had significant success services the Mackerel fishing boats in the area and expanded once in 1883. Sometime between 1891 and 1900, the wharf was abandoned.

In 1902, L.D. Baker bought the remains of the wharf and build the Chequesset Inn. The inn attracted many guests and is credited with launching Wellfleet's tourist industry. Note: A number of resources incorrectly give the wharf's sale date to Mr. Baker as 1885.


Stock. Issued in 1870. #51. Only 60 shares issued. Issued to R. R. Higgins and Co.

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