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Concord, Maynard and Hudson Street Railway Company.   Founded in 1899 with $50,000 in capital, and beginning service in 1901, this railway provided service between Maynard, Concord, Stow and Hudson. The initial cars where purchased from the Loconia Car Company. By 1911, the railway had absorbed the "Concord & Clinton Railway" as weill as the "Lowell, Acton & Maynard Street Railway". As with many electric railways, it coudn't compete with the automobile and so it went into receivership late in 1921. It never came out, terminating service in 1923.


Bond. $1000. Issued in 1902. #111.

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Rarity Industry Beauty Cross-Collectable Importance Age
9 8 7 8 4 5
Overall Value 7
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